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IvoSmile is a software application (app) for visualizing the possibilities for esthetic dental makeovers directly on the patient. The technology of the software is based on augmented reality.

Show your patients the possibilities for enhancing their smile in a few short minutes – on your iPad, at no obligation.

Use the IvoSmile app in your consultations and give your patients an initial impression of what they could look like if they had an esthetic dental makeover, with no strings attached and with no time-consuming, costly photographs or mock-ups involved.

Our technology can be use by dentists and dental lab dental lab technicians.

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IvoSmile Orthodontics

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Designed in partnership with 3shape

Show your patients their incredible new smile in just a few minutes – on your iPad or iPhone without any obligation.

The IvoSmile Orthodontics app allows you to give your patients a preview of the potential esthetic treatment outcome during the orthodontic consultation appointment without any obligation.

The patient’s teeth are scanned with a 3Shape TRIOS (from Generation 3). The pre-installed TRIOS Treatment Simulator (TTS) calculates a virtual set-up of the teeth. This information is transferred directly to the IvoSmile Orthodontics app via the 3Shape Communicate Portal. Innovative augmented reality technology is used to superimpose the potential treatment outcome on the digital mirror image of the patient – in real time while the patient speaks, smiles, or moves their head.